Alaska's Anvik River Lodge

Comments from our Guests:

"For my money this is one of the best experiences that I have had in over 15 years fishing all across Canada and Alaska! Excellent accommodations, wonderful food and world class fishing await you! Cliff and Cheryl who own and operate the Lodge are committed to making your fishing experience as memorable as possible. They will make you feel right at home in the middle of the Alaskan Wilderness. I have had the pleasure of fishing at this lodge three different times. Twice in July for Monster King Salmon, and this past August for Silver Salmon. It's pretty safe to say that you can count on excellent fishing which would include a number of different Salmon Species depending on the date of your trip. If you enjoy Pike Fishing we landed a number over 37 inches. Also Grayling, Char and the elusive Sheefish can also be taken on the fly in some great drainages and feeder steams that flow into the Anvik River. We ventured up a number of these drainages that provided scenery and fishing that are difficult to put into words! Needless to say I will be returning next year. If you have never been to Alaska this will fulfill all your expectations!!! " - Pat S., Illinois

"Over the years in my business I have had the privilege and opportunity to visit many fine hunting and fishing camps around the world. When I look back on our experience at the Anvik River Lodge I would have to rate it as one of the best I ever had in my life. I have never had people treat me nicer than here. From the fabulous meals to the extra effort of the guides. Every detail was attended to and our every need or desire was anticipated and looked after better than we could have dreamed." - John L. Morris, owner BASS PRO SHOPS

“Anyone who doesn’t have fun here needs medical attention!  Thanks for the effortless, safe and fantastic visit” – Phil Bowles, California

“Thank you to all of you for a most excellent week.  I came here with a lot of expectations but I got more.  Fantastic fishing, marvelous nature, the most lovely hosts and a fantastic group of guides.” – Neils, Norway
"We have rarely experienced the hospitality, kindness and first class service that the Anvik River Lodge provides. We know you work very hard to deliver the 'dream vacation' to your guests. You certainly succeed!! Thanks for the 'extra mile' in all aspects. The absolute best fishing experience and the greatest people ever. You guys are simply AMAZING!" - Dr. Constance K., Illinois
"What a great adventure!  The lodge, miles and miles from civilization, provided all the comforts of home.  The food was excellent.  The fishing, out of this world.  Better and better each day.  More than I ever thought it would be." - Norman C., Florida

"We spent 6 wonderful days with some of the nicest people a person could ask for!  The food was outstanding; the accommodation were quite comfortable, roomy and very clean.  The entire experience was very relaxing and enjoyable.  We caught hundreds of fish and guides were very knowledgeable and helpful.  Of all the places I've been, I'd come back here first." - Darry S., CO

"First class all the way - nothing left undone.  Sauna, food and fishing all great, but the best was the hosts and their team!" - Jim S., TN

"Everything I was told was true!  Fine people & food, tons of fish and a sore fly-casting arm.  I'll be back!" - Phillip B., California

"One of the best trips I've had in the many years of fishing Alaska - Great fishing, great food and marvelous hosts." - Buddy Y., Florida

"This weeks adventure is a bit mind boggling with the scenic flight where we spotted 20 some brown bears feeding on salmon and bull moose hunkered down in the tall grass, to the gin clear water where salmon of several species, char and grayling abound, to Cheryl's evening meal (that) is a labor of love and a sight to behold.  Thanks for the adventure of a lifetime." - The Michael H. Family, Florida

“I’ve been to several guided lodges all over the US and Canada.  Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge hands down provided 5X the comfort and service.  Truly amazing.” Roy K. – Maine

"The Pike are stacked like logs swirling and curling their way around the coral like moss and our foreign craft." - Andrew Tarica, travel writer and editor.

"We can't tell you how much we enjoyed our time there.  You folks were the greatest!  The food, fishing and scenery were terrific.  Your staff were the most considerate and helpful people we've had the privilege of meeting in a long time.  There is no question in our mind that our trip to the Anvik River Lodge will be the greatest vacation our family will ever have.  Thanks for the great view of the real Alaska and even better hospitality." - The Dennis V. Family of South Dakota

"I caught pike, grayling, char and silver salmon during my visit but saw no other anglers or boats.  I did however see four wolves out in the open and at close range." - Tony Route, author of "Flies for Alaska" and "Flyfishing Alaska"

“If you leaned back in your chair at your office and tried to imagine the ultimate fishing trip, you still wouldn’t have dreamed of how awesome it is at the Anvik River Lodge fishing camp!  The hospitality is unbelievable, the accomodations have the ambiance you would want from a real Alaskan fishing lodge, the guides are professional and fun, the food is to die for and the owners are wonderful people.  Oh, I almost forgot – the fishing is UNBELIEVABLE!!!  This was my second year (I got the grand slam!) and I will definitely come back for more!” – Tom F., CO

“Truly words can’t express how wonderful our vacation week was – in fact, Robert & I have told everyone it was an adventure, not just a vacation!  I’m sure we’ve never had so much fun and caught so many fish!” – Pam B., FL

"Great fishing, great food, great friends, great weather, GREAT TIME.  One of the best fishing trips of mine ever!  Look forward to seeing all of you again soon." - Dr. Dave M., Alaska

"I really enjoyed the six days I spent at your lodge.  Everyone went out of their way to make sure I had a great time.  The lodge is real comfortable with large rooms, good beds and the food was great.  I really enjoyed the large boat with the armchairs.  It certainly was the most comfortable ride I ever had.  Of course what I enjoyed the most was the fishing.  It's not very often you can stand in one place and catch a fish on nearly every cast.  I am looking forward to another trip." - Ray P., CO

"This is Alaska from it's best side.   So many fishes of all kinds we have never seen before in an Alaskan river." - The Paul G. group, Germany

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