Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge Blog is back!!

Celebrating our 22nd season with Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge – Cliff, Alyson, Cheryl & Blair Hickson

This is just a quick post to let you know that we’re FINALLY getting into the swing of things again. As you know being out in the wilderness and in remote areas most of the time, we’re not all that tech-savvy.  After years of having marginal, at best, internet capabilities we installed a new system this past summer. Once we got the kinks worked out it has proven to be just what we need in order to be able to upload photos and access our site easily.  And of course with the help of our capable (and much younger) staff, we’re figuring all of this Blog stuff out.

Thank you all for your encouragement and for letting us know that you really do want to know what’s going on up here!

We really look forward to being able to share information and to tell stories about this remote wilderness lodge that is so unique even in Alaska standards of uniqueness.

We’ll be posting short articles written by some of the guides themselves, information about what’s going on up here in the wilderness, fishing reports, weather information for your trip planning and of course lots of entertaining recaps of the season’s events.

Whether you’re looking for a special fishing and wilderness adventure for a couple or a place for a great family & friends or corporate get-away, please stay tuned to Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge blog and let us know what you’d like to hear about!

Yours in the Wilderness, Cliff & Cheryl and the whole Anvik Crew

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Continuing on with the Adventure!

What a terrific time it has been these past couple of weeks! Last week one group of guests estimated their group of three boated nearly 500 fish in four days. The weather was a little bit on the chilly side and it felt as if Silver Salmon fishing was soon upon us. Lots of big roaring fires in the woodstove at he main lodge were in order on those days. The weather has gotten better and the fishing, wildlife viewing, and scenery is incredible. Seeing 7 bears a day is not uncommon and catching fish until your arm is sore has been occurring on a very regular basis. A pair of guests who have been coming to Alaska for well over twenty years commented on their stay that they have had the best fishing day in their entire life and look forward to their return. Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game has counter 800,000 pink salmon in the river and several hundreds of thousands of Chum Salmon. The Grayling and Arctic Char have swollen bellies from gorging themselves on the abundant salmon eggs, but still have enough of an appetite to crush beads on the ultralight. All in all it has been simply marvelous!

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The third and fourth weeks of adventure!

The past couple of weeks up here at Alaska’s  Anvik River Lodge have been full of fun and adventure. The weather has been diverse to say the least. One day it was so hot out guides preferred sun screen to mosquito repellent and guided without waders. The very next day it didn’t seem like you could wear enough layers to stay warm. The fishing has been phenomenal. One of our returning guests caught a Chum Salmon that had swam so fast from the ocean it retained a good portion of its ocean run chrome color. The bears are coming out in larger and larger numbers everyday it seems. We had a sow and two cubs setup shop over by the fishing cleaning station here at the lodge but after a tussle with Kobuk and a few warning shots from the staff it appears the bears moved onto a better foraging area. The Pink Salmon are also in in huge numbers. Some parts along the river it almost appears the entire river bottom is moving due to the massive schools of these interesting looking good fighting salmon. Although most all the news coming from the Anvik River has been wonderful this year we did get one bit of unfortunate news from Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game.

After weeks of being on edge as to whether or not we would be able to fish for King Salmon, at the very least in a catch and release environment, we were informed that they will not be opening fishing for King Salmon on the Anvik River for the 2014 season. This was certainly not the news we were hoping to hear but unfortunately these things are beyond our control. We are just hoping that this year’s halt on fishing for these fish will return to us stronger runs in the future.

From all of us up here on the Anvik take care and stay tuned in for more updates!

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Second week at Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge!

Another terrific week! The sun has been shining like there is no tomorrow and we have definitely been experiencing warmer than normal temperatures. Many of the guides claim they are going to begin guiding in shorts. The Chum salmon were on fire this week and the Pink Salmon are beginning to show up by the drove. The hordes of Grayling roaming the river are still making their presence known by biting at anything that lands near them. This week most everyone received a Grand Slam and we even added some members to our new Century Club. The Century club hat is won when a person catches over 100 fish in a day. The bears are starting to show up by seem to be fairly nocturnal due to the heat in the middle of the day. One day this past week a group of guests went to eat lunch at the Swift river after climbing Mount Egypt but were barred from coming ashore due to the curiosity of a bear looking for salmon. He stood on the shore watching them fish and posed for multiple photographs. It even appeared he was quite interested in how it was we caught over 30 salmon in an hour and he was not having the same luck. Another awesome experience from the past week was when long time guest and friend Bruce K not only managed to join the century club but also simultaneously secured a grand slam on the same cast securing a wonderful Arctic Char. To sum it up, terrific people, terrific fishing, just a total adventure!


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Week one of the 2014 Season!

What an exciting week! The first season of the 2014 season here on the Anvik River started off in an epic manner. All guests who came got grandslams! The weather was absolutely terrific. During the whole five days there was one day with rain but by and large it was tee shirt weather. On the last day of the trip a majority of our guests opted to go and hike Egypt mountain. Once reaching the summit all stood in awe of how far out in the wilderness we truly are. The chum salmon are also in with big numbers and even more aggression. There were a number of times this week when a boat would have caught 60 chum a day. That is pretty incredible when you don’t even factor in all the Grayling, Char, Pike, and even Pink Salmon. The bear viewing is on the increase as we see more and more everyday. The wolves are howling up a storm too. In the middle of the week Cliff took a photo of a black wolf directly across the river from the lodge on an early morning. All in all a great start to a great season! stay tuned to see what else is in store.

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Heading out for the season!

Tomorrow morning the crew of the Anvik River Lodge is heading out to the wilderness. After many delays in the early season the time has finally come for us to head back to our true home. The excitement of the upcoming summer has everyone anxious.

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Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge is now offering packages for Bird Lovers!

The Anvik River has been a subject of ornithological study by the Bureau of
Land Management (BLM) for almost 2 decades. There has been annual surveys to determine the value of a true wilderness environment left pretty much undisturbed for generations. This has produced a extensive list of species that are common to our area, and established the potential for rare sitings of migrating birds from both Asia and the South American Continent. The typical survey that is conducted in mid spring is only a few days, and produces great results, as seen by the list’s of species.


Alaska Birding

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