Bird Watching near Alaska's Anvik River Lodge


The Anvik River has been a subject of ornithological study by the Bureau of
Land Management (BLM) for almost 2 decades. There has been annual surveys to determine the value of a true wilderness environment left pretty much undisturbed for generations. This has produced a extensive list of species that are common to our area, and established the potential for rare sitings of migrating birds from both Asia and the South American Continent. The typical survey that is conducted in mid spring is only a few days, and produces great results, as seen by the list’s of species.

Birding in Alaska's Anvik River Lodge

The Anvik River Lodge is establishing an excursion that will place you in the
heart of the wilderness at the peak of migrations prior to the nesting. This is a time when bird songs fill the forest, and birding activity is is every where. This is a special time when the weather is warm, and the food fills the air, this is the time when bugs are coming out from the long winter sleep, and the birds are replenishing their fat after their long flights.

The lodge is also a bustle of activity with the planting of gardens, and preparing for a summer of long sunlight, and lots of adventure activities. The bears are out and wandering the shores in search of food left over from the last summer. The moose are nurturing the new calves after the spring births. The spring flowers are painting the shores and hills with all the spring colors.The natural world is alive with a new beginning.

The lodge is offering experienced guides to take 2-3 guests out early in the morning and venture 10-15 miles in both direction from the lodge and spend the day drifting, photographing, and enjoying the wilderness at it’s best. They will provide lunches and snacks along the way, and return to the lodge in the afternoon after the birds settle down for their after noon naps. The lodge has more than 40 bird house on site with bird activity continuos throughout the day.

With the lodge solar power system you can enjoy all the comforts without the noise of power generation.

Birds in Alaska

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Your trip at a glance / What's included

For our 2014 Introductory rate of $2,000.00 per person, minimum of 4 Birders, you will have 2 guides, (2 birders per boat) for a 3 day 4 night stay that includes all meals, beverages, and transportation, from the village of Anvik to the lodge.  Your days of birding will include silent drifting down a truly remote river with frequent stops for observation and listening.  The dates are June 22nd to 26th.  This is a time of year with numerous wildlife viewings with the new moose calves and bears meandering throughout the river corridor.  This will be filled with new discoveries and experiences, lifetime birds and memories. Come be a part of the adventure.

The following are just some of the birds observed in our area, come be a part of new discoveries as our environment adjusts to the ever-changing natural world.

- Alder Flycatcher
- Red Breasted Merganser
- Wilson’s Snipe
- Spotted Sandpiper
- Lesser Yellowlegs
- Hairy Woodpecker
- Common Merganser
- Blackpoll Warbler
- Arctic Loon
- Wilson’s Warbler
- Varied Thrush
- Black Capped Chickadee
- Gray Cheeked Thrush
- Osprey
- Hermit Thrush
- Myrtle Warbler
- Dark eyed Junco
- Pine Grosbeak
- Pine Siskin
- Mallard
- Green Winged Teal
- Red Throated Loon
- Belted Kingfisher
- Tree Swallow
- Golden Crowned Sparrow
- Semi Palmated Plover
- Hudsonian Godwit
- Northern Goshawk
- White Winged Crossbill
- Sand Hill Cranes
- Tundra Swans
- Ruffed Grouse
- Willow Ptarmigan
- Common Goldeneye
- Pacific Loon
- Bald Eagle
- Arctic Tern
- Mew Gull
- Canadian Geese
- Gray Jay
- Yellow Warbler
- Fox Sparrow
- Townsend’s Warbler
- Swainson’s Thrush
- American Robin
- Common Raven
- Bank Swallow
- Northern Waterthrush
- White Crowned Sparrow
- Rusty Blackbird
- Common Redpoll
- American Widgeon
- Northern Pintail
- Harlequin Duck
- Peregrin Falcon
- Black Billed Magpie
- Ruby Crowned Kinglet
- Orange Crowned Warbler
- Merlin Falcon
- Blue Throat
- Great Horned Owl
- Boreal Owl
- Trumpeter Swans
- Red Necked Grebe
- Spruce Grouse

This is a current total of 65, and many more that haven’t been identified.