Alaska's Anvik River Lodge


Our authentic steam lodge made from hand hewn spruce is a sure way to loosen up sore muscles after a great day of catching fish.

We have a repeater telephone system that works just like a regular phone. There is only one phone line and the batteries are powered by small solar panels, so please limit all calls to 5 minutes or less. We also have a satellite telephone for emergencies. Additionally we have an internet connection WI-FI via satellite up-link. You may use this at no extra charge, but be aware that we have limited bandwidth and please just use it for emails or checking webpages. You will not be able to download or upload large programs i.e. You Tube, music, movies or use the Skype type systems as this will quickly use up all of our allotted bandwidth and there will be no internet available for a period of time.

Your room will be cleaned and beds will be made daily. If you have laundry that needs to be attended to it will be taken care of while you're out on the river having great time fishing. There is no extra charge for laundry service.

A 16-KW solar powered electrical system supplies power to the property 24 hours per day. We also have a 20-KW diesel generator for back-up electrical supply. Electrical outlets in your room are regular A/C current.

Be sure to visit our logo shop while you’re here. We have a nice selection of hats, fleeces, hoodies, fishing shirts and t-shirts with the Anvik River Lodge logo available for purchase at the lodge. They make great souvenirs and gifts.

We have an open bar that is stocked with domestic beers, wines, basic liquors and sodas. If you wish to bring your own special brands you may do so. Please check with us ahead of time on limitations.

We have a complete well stocked fly-tying station for those of you that would like the opportunity to tie your own custom flies and have great pride of catching fish on them. Many of our guides are quite proficient at the art of fly tying and are happy to assist you.

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Steam Lodge

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“Lynn & I cannot thank you enough for having your great facility and also your wonderful hospitality.  The visit was indeed very, very special and the two of you will always have a special place in our hearts.  Many times in going around your place my jaw dropped in awe as to what had to be hauled in and assembled or fabricated or whatever it took.  Those labors have led to a very unique product that you have.  Thanks to you also for the great meals and housekeeping and who knows what else behind the scenes to make our visit a success.  Catching silvers on a fly rod and the shore lunches are a very nice touch to all of the above.  Thanks a million for your part in our trip of a lifetime, you have made this week one of the standout special ones in our life.  We appreciate all of your effort and care.” 

.................................................. - Dave S. Colorado